World Calling Cards

Buy a World Calling Card & save up to 30% on your ISD calls.

I can start using it immediately with my Vodafone mobile phone to ISD calls. Vodafone even helps me to keep track of my long-distance calling costs. Now the world is just a call away!


Denomination, validity and tariff

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Rs. 110

  • Validity (after first use): 1 Month
  • Talktime (Rs): 98
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Rs. 299

  • Validity (after first use): 2 Months
  • Talktime (Rs): 266
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Rs. 550

  • Validity (after first use): 3 months
  • Talktime (Rs): 489
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Rs. 700

  • Validity (after first use): 4 months
  • Talktime (Rs): 623
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Rs. 2500

  • Validity (after first use): 9 months
  • Talktime (Rs): 2225
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Using a World Calling Card

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Follow the simple instructions and start talking
  • Scratch the silver foil on the card and note your secret 12/14-digit PIN
  • Dial the toll free access number mentioned at the back of the card or dial 50318 (toll free)
  • Enter the PIN

Checking your balance

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Know how you can check how much talktime is left on your World Calling Card.
  • Using a call-access number:
    Step 1:Dial the toll free access number
    Step 2:Enter your PIN number
  • By sending an sms to 111 (toll free):
    sms WCCBAL <12/14 digit PIN> to 111 (toll free)

Do away with long numbers

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Now you can make calls without entering your pin number every time.

Just sms WCC CREATE <12/14-digit pin> to 111 (toll free) to register your number to a particular pin number. Once done, you can make calls without the pin by dialling 50318 <ISD code > <destination number > For eg, 50318-001-12345678.


This facility is available with only 1 pin at a time. If you send an SMS with a second pin, it will automatically overwrite the first one without carrying your balance forward.

For more information

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Dial 50119 (toll free) for all the answers.
  • Gulf covers Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE & Yemen
  • Southeast Asia covers Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong & Singapore
  • US covers only the contiguous United States. It excludes the states of Alaska and Hawaii and all off-shore U.S. territories and possessions.
  • To view revised tariffs for high cost destinations, click here
  • To view the list of countries which are blocked and cannot be dialed through World Calling Cards, click here
  • For terms & conditions, click here

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