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Frequently asked questions

Why Vodafone Postpaid?

Vodafone is India's leading telecom operator and they provide the best prepaid and postpaid plans in India. Your choices are our priority and we offer the best plans loaded with unlimited surprises for everyone. Now, switch to Vodafone and avail all the priority services.

How do I apply for a new postpaid connection?

If you are planning to apply for a new Vodafone connection, just walk-in to the nearest Vodafone store or apply for one on the Vodafone website. The SIM will be delivered at your doorstep. You will need the following listed documents mentioned below handy for quick services:

• Original and photocopy of Photo Identity Proof
• Original and photocopy of Local Address Proof
• Copy of the Last Bill (Only for Postpaid)
• PAN Card if Any
• Passport Size Colour Photograph

How to port my existing mobile number to Vodafone?

Select a suitable Postpaid plan and submit it online. Our executive will contact you, take your details and deliver your SIM. On the other hand, the MNP process will be ongoing with your number being active for few hours every day before the porting process.

How long does it take for getting the Postpaid SIM for new connection?

Its 24 hour delivery with appointment facility in Mumbai. In other states, you will have to physically visit the Vodafone store and it usually takes up to 48 hours for activation.

How long does it take to activate the SIM?

Once the required documents are received the SIM will be activated within 24 hours

How can I convert my existing Vodafone prepaid number to postpaid?

This process generally takes up to 48 hours for SIM activation.

What is the credit limit and how to increase my credit limit on my postpaid connection?

Credit Limit is the maximum amount limit offered to a customer for monthly usage. To increase your dynamic credit limit, you have to make an additional payment with your security deposit.

What are the new features I will get with Vodafone RED Postpaid plans?

Avail additional benefits of Amazon Prime, Netflix, Mobile Shield and much more. Along with these you also get Lowest Bill Guarantee, International Roaming and RED Together.

Vodafone Postpaid Services

We have solutions to all your postpaid problems. Have unused data in your account? Don't worry, we give data rollover and it will be carry forwarded to your next month bill cycle. Now, you can list all your family under one single bill which helps you save up to 20% every month! We cover accidently damaged phone costs as well. We also help you track your daily usage along with minute by minute details.

Now, you can also retain your existing number and switch over to Vodafone Postpaid without changing your number or buy mobile number with new postpaid connection. We have brand new postpaid plans for you along with loads of surprises. With the My Vodafone (India) app you can now pay your postpaid bills instantly each month. As a part of our Vodafone family, we strive hard to keep up to your expectations and deliver the best to you. Furthermore, you can enjoy unlimited STD and Local roaming calls with lots of 4G data with our postpaid plans.