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The Fastest 4G Network in Kolkata*

The cultural capital and eastern metropolis of India has extensive 4G footprints in the country and all the major telecom operators are investing massively for providing the fastest 4G mobile network in Kolkata.Vodafone has been certified to be the fastest 4G data upload speed in Kolkata by Ookla.* This give you great opportunity to share pictures and videos with your family and friends without any hassle. In this hyper-connected world, Vodafone, being the 'Data Strong Network', is striving to provide the fastest 4G network in Kolkata. Vodafone is also expanding its 4G coverage in Kolkata and across rural areas in the state of West Bengal, to ensure better 4G network & coverage across the region. Whether you live in Kolkata, Mumbai or Delhi , join the Vodafone network and always stay connected.
* It was based on an analysis by Vodafone on speed test intelligence data for Q1 2019 in West Bengal Telecom circle